Thanks to Kickstarter backers

We would just like to say a big Thank You! to each and every one of you who backed our Kickstarter campaign. We managed to successfully reach 142% of our target which means we will be able to bring you the Boggart EP!

The band we’re practicing last night and will have one more group practice before they head north on Saturday to finally record the EP!

We’ll keep you all updated with our progress as we do the recording and get your rewards together.

Thanks again

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Boggart’s Breakfast Debut EP Funded

Thank You!!!!!!!

To all the people that have supported our kickstarter to launch our first EP it’s now fully funded which mean this is happening.

However please keep pledging to get your pre-orders of this EP in as every extra penny will help with making this even better.

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Boggart’s Breakfast Debut EP

Yes that’s right we are releasing our first EVER EP!!

Most of the hard work is done now. We’ve picked out our favourite tunes and we’ve taken a lot of time arranging them especially for the EP. We’re almost there with our rehearsals, we have a studio lined up for recording, designs are in preparation for the cover and our last hurdle is funding. We need your help to reach our goal and our dream of a Boggart’s Breakfast EP. Please visit out kickstarter page and pre order you EP as a digipack or digital download today.

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Exciting Boggarts Announcement

****** Keep a look out on Facebook, Twitter and our website for an Exciting Boggarts announcement coming later this week ******


Facebook group

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Boggarts have landed on Zogg

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Boggarts On Planet Zogg

We have been invited to an unusual event on Friday 20th January. Where we will dancing traditional dances at the popular Planet Zogg event at The Plug.

So come join us for a wonderful mix of our distinctive gothic rag jackets and silver, blue and black face paint, but not our usual traditional tunes but this invitation to try out something new and irresistible. Using new rhythms, speeds and approaches dancing to techno beats, this is going to be an extraordinary dance out.

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Happy 15th Anniversary Boggarts Breakfast

Saturday 3rd September sees us celebrating fifteen whole years of Boggarts Breakfast. Yes, the fabulous date in 2001 is etched upon our memories and we going to be celebrating in style! Yay!

We have invited some of our dancing friends to come out to play and we plan to be out and about dancing in Sheffield City Centre, come rain or shine, at the venues and times below


03.09.16 Time Location Teams
Mass dance 11.00 – 11.30 Peace Gardens All the dance sides together

– an absolute treat

Spot 1 11.45 – 12.15 Peace Gardens Black Annis, Pecsaetan
Barkers Pool Winster, Flag and Bone, Rattlejag
Town Hall Gog Magog Molly, Boggarts Breakfast, Five Rivers
Spot 2 12.30 – 13.00 Peace Gardens Boggarts Breakfast, Flag and Bone, Pecsaetan
Barkers Pool Gog Magog Molly, Five Rivers, Rattlejag
Town Hall Winster, Black Annis
Lunch 13.00 – 14.00 Sheffield City Centre Heck, we will all need a wee break! Expect to see us checking out some good ale and hearty foodstuffs around the city centre!
Spot 3


14.15 – 14.45 Cathedral All

– yes, we are all back together again

Spot 4 15.15 – 16.00 Kelham Island Tavern Boggarts Breakfast, Black Annis, Five Rivers
Fat Cat Gog Magog Molly, Rattlejag, Pecsaetan, Flag and Bone


We have gotten a name for ourselves of late for selling some rather unique and dare I say it, spooky badges and fridge magnets that are becoming much sought after. We will of course be selling those during the day of dance but atop that, we also have some special limited edition 15th Anniversary badges too – get them while you can! See the designs below………..

Boggarts 15th Birthday Badges

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Boggarts at Upton 2016


On Friday evening an expedition was made in search of appropriate refreshment and entertainment. This was achieved in the first instance by following a ‘Star’ and then a ‘Swan’.

On Saturday morning having broken through the ice on the tent we decorated ourselves in the usual regalia and headed into town to entertain. Having reached town we noticed the extent of the over population of morris sides and the under population of dance areas. After a few false starts we managed to blag our way onto a performance platform where to much cheering and applause we regaled the local population with some of our best moves. Later on in the day, with the weather closing in, at the official engagement, our dancing finally brought down the best that the English weather produces. That evening we grouped together for a meal at Thrishna Cuisine where spiced delicacies were consumed and complex calculations were performed to produce the exact payment. Sometime later, it was agreed that all should retire to bed for in the morning there would be an early start.

After another cold night the team awoke at 4 in the morning so as to prepare for dancing at the ‘Panarama’ some miles from the campsite. Instructions to the location of our destination had been acquired the previous day. We exited the campsite as quietly as we could, (yeah, right), in a convoy of modern motor vehicles. There was a small trek that had to be undertaken in order to achieve our goal and we were joined by four other sides at the top of as a line of sleepy travellers attained the summit.

We danced and played and sung and the sun rose in the sky.

Later on, we performed in the town until it was time for the morris sides to walk through the streets and try and deafen the local populace in a display of drum craft. Our place in the parade had been fortuitous and as it happened 29th delivered us directly in front of an outdoor refreshment outlet. Beer was drunk. It was then arranged to dance with ‘Bloodstone’, a team known to Sue, from the far off Isle of Wight. It would appear that we ‘Overners’ are now very much welcome to visit the Isle and have been encouraged to do so by the ‘Vectians’ of Bloodstone.

We had entered a plastic duck to compete in The Decorated Duck competition and The Upton in Bloom Duck Race. Our duck the brave little thing put his best web forward and threw himself into to fray. Our duck was marked with 2 B’s and naming him seemed obvious, with the addition of a zero BoB was born. We may have got a bit excited during the race and started running along the bank cheering him on. Soon our cries were joined by the voices from other teams. ‘Bob’ was the shout and also ‘come on the blue duck’. A late surge from BoB meant he was near the front at the finish, the result is not known but it is suspected that a 3rd or 4th place was achieved.

The Monday was a much quieter affair. Due to the absence of the band leader a temporary one had to be chosen, and due to his valiant efforts in the river the previous day and his similar sounding name it was decided to appoint BoB the duck. A rumour came to our attention that the acoustics under the Upton Bridge were greatly desirable particularly for drums and so we once more headed off in search of perfection. The place was surrounded by ‘Bunnies from Hell’ dancing Cotswold and wearing pink. They were soon placated however with the promise of a joint venture and much jollity ensued.

Thank you, Upton-upon-Severn.

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Back to Tunes

Here’s a pdf of the dots

Here’s a midi

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Summer 2016

Well, it’s that time of year again! Armed with rags, bells, melodeons, drums, shaky eggs and more sticks than- well, more than you can shake a stick at, Boggarts Breakfast are all ready to celebrate our 15th summer! We’ve got dance-outs planned with a lot of wonderful teams and at some great festivals. There’s a few things still in the pipeline, but here’s a couple of places you’ll definitely be able to see us this summer:

23rd April: St George’s Day (Sheffield Valley of Beer)
29th April – 2nd May: Upton-upon-Severn Folk Festival (complete with dancing the summer in on Mayday morning – you’re welcome)
14th May: Yorkshire Chandelier Day of Dance (Sheffield City Centre)
21st May: Doncaster Day of Dance (part of Doncaster Folk Festival)
3rd – 6th June: Osset Beercart
18th June: The re-opening of Kennedy Hall, Cecil Sharp House, London (ceilidh with Steamchicken and our very own Andrew Swaine calling)
25th June: Bakewell Day of Dance
3rd July: Abbeydale, Sheffield
23rd July: Ripon City Morris Day of Dance
25th – 29th August: Towersey Village Festival
3rd September: Boggarts 15th Anniversary Day of Dance.

You can keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter, and here on the blog. Here’s to a busy summer!

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