Trevor Boggart

Recently, we lost one of our dearest and longest serving Boggarts. Trevor Boggart, husband of Badger Boggart and kind friend to us all, passed away as a result of bowel cancer in May this year.

Trevor was one of our most exuberant Boggart dancers. If you ever had the pleasure of seeing him perform, you would know him by the wide grin on his face and his wild stick clashing. Those of us who were lucky enough to dance opposite him in Hells Bells or Snake Pass will never forget how infectious his enthusiasm was. He was a joy to dance with, and he made us better dancers.

Having joined the team in 2008, Trevor had been in the team longer than most of us. He was part of the backbone of Boggarts, and became unwitting leader and choreographer of one of the many features that makes Boggarts unique – our tambourine section! Whenever he wasn’t dancing his heart out, Trevor could be found shaking the zills with his own distinctive mix of style, gusto and poise.

Beyond being a tremendous dancer and percussionist, Trevor was a wonderful friend. His kind heart and gentle nature welcomed new members to the Boggart fold and served as comfort and counsel to longstanding teammates.

Trevor, you were one of a kind. We were lucky to know you, and to count you amongst our number. May you forever dance and jingle at the great folk festival in the sky.

We will miss you