It’s spring, it’s spring!

Which means that it’s high time I let all of you know what events we have planned for the dancing season.

First up we have Sharrow Lantern Carnival in Sheffield on Sunday 12th April in the evening. There’s a procession from Mount Pleasant Park to the General Cemetery at around 8pm. We’ll be at the back, well away from the samba band. We may even have a lantern!

If we did it would probably be blue, like this one, but not shaped like some weird appliance (robot?) thing.lantern

The next time you can see us will be at the annual St George’s day dance out, organised by the lovely Gerry Bates, on Saturday 25th April in Sheffield city centre.

The day after, Sunday 26th April, we’ll be found at Stockport Old Town folk festival. This should be exciting as it’s the first of what will hopefully be a great new tradition. If you live that way and can’t come to see us on Saturday 25th you should head on over to Stockport Old Town to go to some of the morris workshops.

Speaking of new traditions, we were thrilled last year to be part of the first Ossett Beercart and we’ll be attending again this year. The beer festival starts in Ossett on Friday 29th June and continues all weekend but it officially opens on the Saturday after all the morris teams have helped to pull up the cart of beer from Ossett brewery to the town hall.

It will look something like this but less wet:

ossett beercart

Notice Kate Boggart pretending to push the cart whilst really having a cheeky beer in her trusty tankard!

Anyway, back to our upcoming events. We’ll be dancing in Sheffield centre again on Saturday 13th June. Our good friends Sheffield City Morris are going to be 40 years old and we intend to celebrate with them. They are hosting a ceilidh in the cathedral that evening with the fantastic Heckety with Gordon Potts calling. Tickets will be £10 for adults, £7 for children.

We’ll also be dancing at Beverley Folk Festival again, 19th – 21st June; Winster Wakes Carnival, 4th July and the Furness Tradition in Cumbria, 10th-12th July. I’ll be posting more information about these events nearer the time.

We still have a number of events waiting to be confirmed. Be sure to check out our events page for a full list of when and where you can find us!