All the fun of the fair!

Boggarts Breakfast in glade

Boggarts made their television debut on May 2nd, so we are officially famous in the world of Children’s television! We’ve had lots of lovely comments on our performance; many were shocked and surprised to see us all look, well, so smiley! It might have had something to do with Director shouting ‘eyes and teeth’ but we’re not scary all the time. (Apart from the drummers – they look terrifying even with a smile).

Don’t worry if you missed it, we’re on again on Wednesday 17th May, 15.55 on CBeebies. For those of you who are super keen to see us, check out iPlayer:​episode/b01h8qv2/​ZingZillas_Series_4_The_Little_​Pigs_Saved_the_Day/

Oh, and our episode should be called ‘All the fun of the fair’…the pigs are not involved at all. Thank goodness.