Ossett Beercart Festival: We came, we saw, we met up with lots of old friends, we danced, we ate blue ice cream!

Cracking day out at the Ossett Beercart Festival 2018. Rained for a bit early on but by eck, that was cooling when the beercart was being lugged about town. Then it was dancing, dancing, dancing in the dry down town. Lots of lovely, appreciative audiences, great chances to catch up… Read more“Ossett Beercart Festival: We came, we saw, we met up with lots of old friends, we danced, we ate blue ice cream!”

Oh, what a beautiful morning………….

Mayday 2018

Our traditional May Day dancing the sun up on Higgor Tor took place this week and boy, what a fabulous morning it was. Our path up to the Tor was lit by bright, bright moonlight with a few twinkling stars to boot. There was a nip in the air but once the band had struck up and the dancing began, we all warmed up. Some of the side were desperately trying to tear their eyes away from a marauding group of cows but luckily the cows got bored and marauded off! Sun up was at 05.31 and a hush descended upon us as we watched the sun pierce the beautifully clear sky. Then, it was some group singing, more fabulous music and a trek down the hill to various breakfast feasts!

Boggart’s Film Night Sidmouth LNE Spot

Lights, Camera, Action!

The scene was set, the band, resplendent in their dinner jackets, posh frocks and cummerbunds were ready to go. The Old Wild West descended on Sidmouth to be followed by magical creatures and ethereal dancing. Next was travel to a galaxy far, far away and finishing with life on the high seas. New music, some new dance moves – there was something for everyone at the Sidmouth LNE spot this year and boy, did we have fun!

Video taken by our good friend Siggy.

Boggart’s Breakfast Debut EP Funded

Thank You!!!!!!! To all the people that have supported our kickstarter to launch our first EP it’s now fully funded which mean this is happening. However please keep pledging to get your pre-orders of this EP in as every extra penny will help with making this even better.