Whitby Folk Week

It’s September which means festival season is over (boo, hiss!) and it also means that I really need to write about Whitby Folk Week.

Whitby is a beautiful place, I’d never been before although the team has, and there were plenty of spots with great teams overlooking the sea.


We were only there for half of the week but still managed to run three successful workshops, one of which was a face painting workshop. We were impressed at the skill of the dancers and a little envious of the standard of face painting, which some of us take years to get any good at!

face painting workshop

Meanwhile, we managed to arrange a separate dance spot outside the museum with the wonderful Gog Magog molly dancers. I say ‘we’, the amazing and super-organised Helen from Gogs did all the hard work. Thanks Helen!

Gogs and Boggarts

Boggarts and Gogs

Finally, when in Whitby, you just have to get dressed up in a gothic fashion. So we did.


AGM tonight and then it’s teaching season so we’ll probably be a bit quiet for a while.

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Warwick Folk Festival

A couple of weeks ago we danced at Warwick folk festival. It was deliciously hot, we were with some awesome teams, the campsite was comfortable, the beer tent was close by and we got to dance inside the castle grounds.

boggarts at warwick

What an exciting festival!

Unfortunately those pesky boggarts showed up and not only did they get in our way during the procession but they even interfered with The Outside Capering Crew – how embarrassing!

capering boggarts

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More pictures of us!

A friend of Computational Neuro Boggart came to see us at the Tour de France dancing and took some great pictures of us. No bikes  or other teams in these pictures but at least we look cool.

Click on the picture below to see more.

computational neuro boggart

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The Dangers of Being a Morris Dancer

We risk a lot for your enjoyment you know! Here’s Lizzy sporting one of the most impressive sticking injuries I think I’ve seen in my time in Boggart’s Breakfast (except perhaps when I hit myself in the eye but I really couldn’t see then).

sticking injury















In other news, we are starting to think about making a 2015 calendar and had our first photoshoot at the weekend. Here’s a cheeky preview photo:

photoshoot preview

Yes I know you can’t see us very well, you’ll just have to buy the calendar!

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Tour De Dance

Yesterday we had a lot of fun dancing in Sheffield city centre to mark the finish of the Yorkshire stages of the Tour de France. Thanks to Five Rivers for organising it and providing us with pasties and chocolate!

A couple of us attempted bicycle themed face paint and hat ornaments:



We finished dancing in time to grab a beer and watch the end of the race on the big screen in the Peace Gardens. This would have been a great picture but Kate Boggart decided to do her best impression of a certain seal who is pretty famous on the internet:

kate photobombing

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Tour de Dance

We’re super excited to dance in Sheffield city centre at the end of the Sheffield leg of the Tour de France on Sunday 6th July, come along to see us there.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures from our last dance out, at the Angler’s Rest pub in Bamford.

Boggarts at Bamford

Five Rivers

It was great to dance with a few other local teams and we had a lovely view over the valley but we were bitten to death by insects!

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Holmfirth Folk Festival

This was a really lovely event, if a little wet – at least it was sunny between the showers!

Afternoon Tea Dance

We debuted our newest dance, The Afternoon Tea Dance (above), which was written just before Christmas. This is possibly a new record for us; sometimes we work on a dance for years before it is ready for the public eye.

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Holmfirth Folk Festival Tomorrow

Come see us at Holmfirth Folk Festival alongside many other exciting teams.

It’s a really cute little festival in an adorable village.

Expect to see pictures in the next couple of days.

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Victoria Baths

Well, that was exciting!

We danced a quick tour of the building, gathering a crowd while the northern soul dancers collected their own followers and finished in the main room for a dance off. We were initially unsure as to how a dance off between northern soul and morris dancing would work but we ended up doing one of our dances to a Marvin Gaye track and it wasn’t completely weird.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and we got to take some cool pictures around the building. Here are a couple, and there will be a gallery up shortly on the photos page.

victoria baths

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May day morning…

… was good, but we couldn’t really see The Sun.

We did get to dance Higger Tor at its namesake and we also had a bit of a crowd, some of whom were from Freaks in the Peaks so they joined in for a dance too.

Then we went to Hathersage hall for a true Boggart’s breakfast of waffles, bacon, eggs, home fries and sausages. Ideal.


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