Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la, la la la la!

Boggarts Breakfast have been invited to perform at the Nether Edge Farmers market this Sunday, 6th December 2015 at 14.15. This is a bit of a standing arrangement as we seem to have been invited to dance at this market for the past few years – but it is such a good start to the festive season. There will be lots of markets stalls to get all those essentials like ostrich burgers, handmade soaps and mince pies of course! So, we are all chuffed to little mint balls to be invited again.

 The dance out will also feature most of our awesome newbies who are just fabulous. They all joined in October 2015 and have shown such flair and skill at picking up new dances and all things Boggarty, we are letting them loose on the public of Nether Edge!  (Look out for their pictures going up on the Boggarts Team Gallery soon!)

 So, if you are around, come and see us – we would love to see you there!


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Happy Birthday, Gogs!

Back to Tunes

Happy Birthday, Gogs! Music

Here’s a pdf of the dots

Here’s a midi

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Because we’re happy…………………………..

……….to be dancing out with Sheffield City Morris Men, Silkstone Greens, Five Rivers and the visiting Adelaide Morris Men. This will take place on Thursday 20th August 2015 at the Kelham Island Tavern and the Fat Cat public houses in Sheffield from 7.30pm……


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Boggarts at Winster Wakes


(Boggarts musicians in the Winster Wakes procession)

This year Boggarts Breakfast were Winster Morris Men’s guest team at the Winster Wakes, an event in the picturesque Derbyshire village of Winster. It was a beautiful day for dancing, and we were very, very well looked after by our hosts. The event started with a carnival procession through the village. After a break for afternoon tea, we danced for the rest of the day, before heading inside for an evening of singing with Winster Morris. They even wrote a song about us!


(Trevor Boggart in his alternative kit)

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The Annual St Georges Day Dance Out in Sheffield

IMG_0171Saturday 25th April saw Boggarts Breakfast in Sheffield city centre at the annual St Georges Day dance out. There were many other sides dancing out that day too, enjoying the sunshine between the brief rain showers and the warm appreciation of the crowds that gathered. The event was well organised with dance spots, locations and the all important lunch spots arranged so we all knew where we were meant to be and when! Not an easy feat sometimes! 

The city centre was buzzing and we were not put off by the amount of police, cyclists, football fans, wedding parties or snooker watchers that were invading the city centre at the same time as us, we just got on and danced!

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It’s spring, it’s spring!

Which means that it’s high time I let all of you know what events we have planned for the dancing season.

First up we have Sharrow Lantern Carnival in Sheffield on Sunday 12th April in the evening. There’s a procession from Mount Pleasant Park to the General Cemetery at around 8pm. We’ll be at the back, well away from the samba band. We may even have a lantern!

If we did it would probably be blue, like this one, but not shaped like some weird appliance (robot?) thing.lantern

The next time you can see us will be at the annual St George’s day dance out, organised by the lovely Gerry Bates, on Saturday 25th April in Sheffield city centre.

The day after, Sunday 26th April, we’ll be found at Stockport Old Town folk festival. This should be exciting as it’s the first of what will hopefully be a great new tradition. If you live that way and can’t come to see us on Saturday 25th you should head on over to Stockport Old Town to go to some of the morris workshops.

Speaking of new traditions, we were thrilled last year to be part of the first Ossett Beercart and we’ll be attending again this year. The beer festival starts in Ossett on Friday 29th June and continues all weekend but it officially opens on the Saturday after all the morris teams have helped to pull up the cart of beer from Ossett brewery to the town hall.

It will look something like this but less wet:

ossett beercart

Notice Kate Boggart pretending to push the cart whilst really having a cheeky beer in her trusty tankard!

Anyway, back to our upcoming events. We’ll be dancing in Sheffield centre again on Saturday 13th June. Our good friends Sheffield City Morris are going to be 40 years old and we intend to celebrate with them. They are hosting a ceilidh in the cathedral that evening with the fantastic Heckety with Gordon Potts calling. Tickets will be £10 for adults, £7 for children.

We’ll also be dancing at Beverley Folk Festival again, 19th – 21st June; Winster Wakes Carnival, 4th July and the Furness Tradition in Cumbria, 10th-12th July. I’ll be posting more information about these events nearer the time.

We still have a number of events waiting to be confirmed. Be sure to check out our events page for a full list of when and where you can find us!


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Christmas things

Another triumph at Nether Edge seasonally festive farmer’s market. The weather just about held off while we danced, though it was pretty miserable other than that. It’s amazing how a danceout manages to get most of us in a good mood, though.


Check out Bob’s classic Bob-face.

In other news, we had the extravagant annual Boggarts Christmas party, which gets better every year. The wayward Rich has returned from his travels, hopefully to stay. We are certainly pleased to have him back. So much so that we stuck things on his face.


And of course, in the end it all descended into silly dancing with spent crackers to the tunes in the wrong time signature. Bluejay in 5/4 was a particular favourite.


But back to business; no rest for the Boggarts. See us on Saturday at Heeley City Farm 11:30 and 12:30 and after that at Norton Farmers Market from 2:00-4:00. And this will probably be your last chance to get one of the last few 2015 calendars! They’ll definitely be gone after this, I reckon.

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Dance for Diversity

We had a whale of a time at the first (hopefully annual) Dance for Diversity in London. It was organised at very short notice, presumably on the back of the mishap with David Cameron being criticised for being photographed with some black-faced border morris dancers (and the morris dancers having been criticised for posing with David Cameron.)

Personally, I’ve always been fed the line, popular in the last few decades, that blacking up in morris dancing is nothing whatsoever to do with any issue of race, and I’ve always believed it. But in the run-up to Dance for Diversity, I thought I’d educate myself further, since Wikipedia makes that so easy these days. The very excellent article on the subject, I’m delighted to report, opened my eyes somewhat to the murky and questionable nature of the evidence we have for the history of blacking up in morris.

I’ll spare you the details, on condition that you get yourself directly to the article and read it for yourself, but suffice it to say I now believe there is enough evidence of morris blacking being influenced by and associated with, if not having its origins in, race-based theatrical blacking… which does not always imply mockery, but that’s not the point. Racism is definitely a real thing and something we should actively resist. There are subtle arguments to be had, and it shouldn’t simply be a matter of being very careful not to cause offense ever (I am the *last* person to advocate avoiding offence) but nor can we simply say morris blacking has nothing to do with racism. Their histories are intertwined, and whether one has anything to do with the other is not simply a matter of the intentions of today’s black face morris dancers. It has to do with the impression that it makes on all observers, educated or otherwise. So we need to be mindful and careful what message we send.

I shall now stand down from my soap box and reiterate that we really enjoyed our road trip to London and we really hope they organise it again next year.

Folk is for Everyone (except racists - screw them)

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Calendars Now up for Sale!

In other news – we have a beautifully crafted 2015 calendar that you can buy.

cover of calendar

Here’s a preview of September for you:

September page from calendar

If you would like a copy of one they are £10, plus £1 for postage if necessary. Hurry, they are going fast. Quite understandably.

Get in touch and we’ll sort out payment and postage from there.

We’ll also have the calendars for sale at all our events before Christmas. See the Events page for more info.

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Black Annis Ale

Black Annis
As guests of the legendary Black Annis women from Leicester, Boggarts fielded a rather small team for a great 30th birthday weekend at the beginning of October.

We were hosted and toasted in style, joined by our fellow dancers Sheffield City Morris who are always great fun to be with.

The weekend was filled with singing, music, delicious food and (of course) dancing. The Saturday rain did little to dampen our spirits whilst we danced at Foxton locks (inside the museum and surrounded by boats) and outside in Market Harborough . we were joined there by other local sides.


IMGP2900 - Copy

The evening saw the world premiere of the Boggarts “We love Gin” song performed by the world famous Lisa Heywood. She was joined by a troop of the best Boggart mimers. The Boggart put on a great drinking display, and was excited by the guest appearance of “Big Willy” the Black Annis Fool , in the final moments of the drama. Sadly, no pictures of this were taken as were were all performing, you’ll just have to take our word for it that it was inspired and hilarious :)


IMGP2900 - Copy

Sunday was glorious and the teams enjoyed dancing inside the Guildhall in Leiecester. The congregation inside the cathedral were apparently distracted by the start up of the Boggart drums and may have missed the point of the sermon in the Sunday morning service – whoops! We danced outside the cathedral as they came out in case they hadn’t heard us the first time.
Thanks Black Annis. What a cracking weekend. We love you!

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